If the present plans work out, the football schedule for the University team next year will be much harder than it has been in a great many seasons past. In recent years a great deal of criticism has been heaped on the University because of the comparatively easy football schedules which the elevens have enjoyed. Whether these easy games during the first few weeks are necessary to produce a winning team or not, it is a fact that they have been regularly included. Next year, however, criticism along this line will be entirely out of place, if the present plans work out.

Virginia and Williams Dropped

Two teams, Virginia and Williams, the former which has met the Crimson for several years just before the Princeton game and the latter which played in the Stadium this season for the first time since 1913, have been definitely omitted from the schedule for next fall.

But besides dropping these two elevens, Major Moore, Graduate Treasurer of the Harvard Athletic Association, is making every effort to secure games with the Ohio State and West Point elevens. He has recently sent a telegram to the Ohio State Athletic Association stating that if no definite assurance of a return game is required, the University would be glad to include the Buckeye State in next year's schedule. Whether or not this arrangement will be satisfactory to the Ohio State authorities is not yet known.

Buckeyes Formidable Outfit


This season the Ohio State eleven has had an especially successful record. Besides winning the Conference Championship, the Buckeyes were victorious in all five of their "Big Ten" contests. They are especially noted for their forward passing game, having pulled three of these games out of the fire in the closing minutes of play in this manner. But besides this, this eleven has been chosen to meet the University of California in the newly established annual East vs. West contest at the Pasadena "Carnival of Roses."

The agreement between the University and the West Point Athletic Association is that if the Army eleven is willing to play in Cambridge without the promise of a return game at West Point, the contest will be held next year in the Stadium.

For a great many years in succession the University eleven played the cadets at West Point without asking or receiving a guarantee of any kind, and the series stopped only because there were objections to these long mid-season trips. The last game which was played between the two elevens was held in 1910 and resulted, as had all of these contests, in a victory for the University.

Seeks Double Header

Another innovation which Major Moore is trying to arrange, is a double-header for the opening day of the season. This plan was tried last year but failed.

The games with Yale, Princeton and Centre College are the only ones which are sure to be included in the schedule for 1921. Arrangements with Holy Cross have not been completed.

If it is possible to have the eleven meet Holy Cross, Centre, the Army, Ohio State, and of course Yale and Princeton, no one can justly accuse the University of having an easy football schedule.