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At the meeting of the Athletic Committee Tuesday night, the following schedules for the rest of the year were ratified:

Freshman Hockey

January 8--Cambridge High and Latin at Cambridge.

January 12--M. I. T. '24 at Cambridge.

January 15--Dartmouth '24 at Cambridge.

January 22--Andover at Cambridge.

January 29--Exeter at Cambridge.

February 2--Milton at Milton.

February 5--Middlesex at Concord (tentative).

February 9--St. Mark's at Southboro.

February 12--Yale '24 at Cambridge.

University Baseball

April 9--Bates at Cambridge.

April 13--Open.

April 16--Leave Boston for Southern trip.

April 18 to April 21--In Atlanta. (Play Georgia Tech, University of Georgia and Oglethorpe University.)

April 23--Columbia at New York.

April 27--Colby at Cambridge.

April 30--Cornell at Cambridge.

May 4--N. H. State at Cambridge.

May 7--Dartmouth at Cambridge.

May 11--Holy Cross at Cambridge.

May 14--Open.

May 18--Amherst at Cambridge.

May 21--Princeton at Princeton.

May 25--University of Philippines at Cambridge (not settled).

May 28--Princeton at Cambridge.

May 30--Brown at Providence.

June 1--Williams at Cambridge.

June 4--Penn. at Cambridge.

June 8--Princeton (third game).

June 11--Holy Cross at Worcester.

June 15--Fordham at Cambridge.

June 18--Tufts at Medford.

June 21--Yale at New Haven.

June 22--Yale at Cambridge.

June 25--Yale (third game).

Freshman Baseball

April 13--Groton at Groton.

April 27--Worcester Academy at Cambridge.

April 30--St. Mark's at Southboro.

May 7--Andover at Cambridge.

May 9--Middlesex at Concord (tentative).

May 11--Cushing Academy at Cambridge.

May 14--Exeter at Cambridge.

May 19--Dean at Cambridge.

May 21--Holy Cross '24 at Cambridge.

May 25--Dartmouth '24 at Cambridge.

May 28--Princeton '24 at Princeton.

June 1--Huntington School at Cambridge.

June 4--Yale '24 at Cambridge.

University Wrestling

January 22--Springfield at Cambridge.

February 19--Open.

February 24--Brown at Cambridge.

February 26--Princeton at Cambridge.

March 5--M. I. T. at Technology.

March 11--Yale at New Haven.

University Tennis

April 29--Williams at Cambridge.

April 30--Dartmouth at Cambridge.

May 6--Brown at Cambridge.

May 7--Springfield at Springfield.

May 11--Providence Tennis Club at Cambridge.

May 18--Longwood Cricket Club at Brookline.

May 21--Princeton at Cambridge.

May 25--Tufts at Cambridge.

May 28--Yale at New Haven.

Squash Racquet Schedule

The schedule of the Massachusetts Squash Racquets Association, of which the University is a member, was also approved. The interclub series will be played in two classes, A and B, and a trophy awarded to the winner in each. Matches must be played not later than the scheduled dates and may be played before by mutual agreement.

Class A

December 11--B. A. A. at B. A. A., Boston.

December 18--Newton Centre Squash Racquets Club at Cambridge.

January 8--Harvard Club at Harvard Club, Boston.

January 15--Tennis and Racquet Club at T. and R. Club, Boston.

January 22--Union Boat Club at Boston.

Class B

December 11--Harvard Club at Cambridge.

December 18--Union Boat Club at Union Boat Club, Boston.

January 8--Quincy Neighborhood Club at Cambridge.

January 15--Newton Centre Squash Racquets Club at Cambridge.

January 22--B. A. A. at B. A. A., Boston.

But besides ratifying these schedules, the Athletic Committee appointed the following Advisory Committee for Crew: F. L. Higginson Jr. '00, R. F. Herrick '90, E. C. Storrow '89, L. Saltonstall '14, H. Cabot '17 and W. Davis '21.

The question of a Southern trip for the track team was referred to the Chairman of the Committee, Dean L. B. R. Briggs, and the Graduate Treasurer, Major F. W. Moore for final decision. It now seems probable that the trip will be taken. If it is reported on favorably, the team will leave Cambridge on April 16, have a meet with the University of Virginia on the 19th, train on the Annapolis track until the 23d, when it meets the Naval Academy at Annapolis

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