A new record in the number of candidates for the University crew was made by the 180 men who reported to Coach Haines at Newell Boathouse yesterday afternoon. Of recent years the largest squad was that of 108 men in 1916, while since then the number has dwindled under 100. Promise for a very successful season is given by the spirit shown in the men reporting and by the fact that all but six of the members of last year's University crews are eligible for a seat this year. Seven men of last year's winning Freshman eight are also on hand.

Captain Davis Outlines Season.

Captain W. Davis '21 first spoke to the men and explained that no cuts will be made in any crew during the entire season. This year three eights and a four-oar will be kept upon the University squad, and the rest of the men will be divided into class and club crews under Coach Brown. It is hoped to have at least one crew representing each class and as many club crews as possible. During the season and in the final regatta at the end of May every crew will be entered in a race.

Dr. Paul Withington '09, a former University oarsman, who is aiding Coach Haines in taking care of the crews, gave a long talk, in which he made clear the training rules and also described the efforts of the crew authorities during the past decade to standardize crew at the University and to form it into a winning organization. A spirit and determination to win on the part of every man on every crew was the key-note of success, he said.

Pick the University Crews.


The University squad as picked out yesterday is as follows:

Crew A: Stroke, M. E. Olmsted '21; 7, L. Terry, 2E.S.; 6, L. B. McCagg, Jr., '22; 5, R. M. Sedgwick '21; 4, J. L. Batchelder, Jr., Occ.; 3, J. A. Burden, Jr., '20; 2, R. K. Kane '22; bow, W. Davis '21.

Crew B: Stroke, R. Jenney '21; 7, T. T. Pond '21; 6, D. H. Morris, Jr., '21; 5, H. R. Atkinson '21; 4, F. B. Lothrop '21; 3, G. M. Appleton '22; 2, C. F. Batchelder, Jr., '20; bow, S. Damon '21.

Crew C: Stroke, M. Bradlee '22; 7, D. B. Hull Occ.; 6, S. A. Duncan '22; 5, H. H. Faxon '21; 4, J. N. Borland, Jr., '21; 3, B. La Farge '22; 2, C. E. Dickerson '20; bow, C. C. Cabot '22.

Four-oar: Stroke, J. Codman '22; 3, H. Brown '22; 2, D. Withington '22; bow, R. E. Wheeler '22