Fencing Team Defeats Tech

The University Fencing Team defeated the M. I. T. foilsmen in a dual meet in the Hemenway Gym. yesterday by the score of eight bouts to one. The University also took the Epee bout, Captain Snow defeating Revecca of M. I. T. The first team, after winning four bouts, gave way to the complete second team, which won four of the five remaining bouts. For Harvard Captain Snow took two bouts and was easily the star of the meet. Revecca was the best man of the Teach team.

The University team will leave Friday for Annapolis, where they will fence on Saturday afternoon, and will meet Pennsylvania Monday at Philadelphia. The feneing team has been undefeated so far this year, having won from Bowdoin 6-3 and from the crack Graduate Fencers' Team 5 to 4.

Summary against M. I. T.:

R. H. Snow '20 defeated Revecca and White.

S. Ordway '21, defeated Canzanelli.


W. Brewster '22 defeated White and Canzanelli.

G. P. Howard defeated T. Canzanelli and A. Canzanelli.

J. Barss lost to Skabo.

T. Adamowski defeated T. Canzanelli.