Saturday's track meets, which were called off on account of the extreme cold, have both been postponed. The meet between the University team and the B. A. A. will be staged on February 21, and the Freshman track athletes will encounter the M.I.T. yearlings some time during the month on a date not yet determined.

Winter Track Schedule.

The winter track schedule as now announced includes all meets up to March 10. A few individual entries may be made in other meets, but the meets in which several entries are to be made are as follows:

February 7--B.A.A. games.

February 14--M.I.T. dual meet.


February 21--B.A.A. dual meet.

February 23--American Legion games.

February 28--Dartmouth-Cornell triangular meet at Mechanics Hall.

March 6--Meadowbrook games.

March 10--Winter Carnival.

Call Candidates Feb. 9.

On next Monday a second call for track field candidates will be issued. All University and Freshmen track men who have not already reported should come out at that time to begin preparation for the winter and spring seasons.