Its first defeat of the season was registered Saturday by the Freshman hockey team when it succumbed to the faster and better co-ordinated Exeter seven 3-1. It was the fastest game that the yearlings have yet played, but the Exeter representatives managed to keep the puck in the Crimson territory the main part of the time. Lamont, the Exeter centre, was the most elusive of the Exeter forwards and scored two of the three tallies. The tremendous rushes of O'Hearn often threatened the Freshman goal, but good defensive work by Bancroft and Captain George Owen kept the opposing rover from scoring.

The 1923 players were particularly weak in offensive team play. Again and again a Crimson forward carried the puck down the ice only to find that he had no one to pass it to as he neared the Exeter goal.

The first goal came after 12 minutes of play. A concerted rush by the Red and Gray forwards brought the disc to the Crimson goal and Woodbury snapped it at goal-tender J. D. Flint. He stopped it, but was not quick enough to prevent Lamont from caging the puck on the rebound. Just before the end of the period Woodbury tallied on a long shot which slipped past both Owen and Flint.

In the second period the Exeter players increased their aggressiveness and almost continually throughout the half kept kept the disc in the Freshman territory. The third count for Exeter was registered after eight minutes of stiff scrimmage. O'Hearn, eluding nearly the entire yearling seven, carried the puck the length of the rink and snapped it to Lamont, who caged a beautiful goal. 1923's only tally came just before the final whistle. R. Watts shot the disc past Cantillon after a lively mix-up in front of the goal.

The summary: EXETER.  HARVARD 1923. Burnett, Murray, r.w.  l.w., Guild, Butman O'Hearn, r.c.  l.c., Thayer, Watts Lamont, l.c.  r.c., Larocque Woodbury, l.w.  r.w., Ladd, Fish Martin, c.p.  c.p., Owen Handy, p.  p., Bancroft Cantillon, g.  g., Flint


Score--Exeter, 3; Harvard 1923, 1. Goals--Lamont 2, Woodbury, Watts. Referee--M. E. Olmstead '21. Time--18-minute halves.