The University hockey team added another to its string of four successive victories in the Pavilion on Saturday night when they triumphed over Princeton by the score of six goals to three. Although the Crimson sextet found no difficulty in defeating the Tigers, they failed, except for occasional spurts, to come up to the form that has been shown in other games of the season.

E. B. Bigelow '21 was again the feature player for the University on both his offensive and defensive work. Clever stick-work combined with fast skating made him the most dangerous man on the ice, and combined with the wings he was in almost every play of the evening.

Princeton Lacked Speed.

On the whole the Tigers lacked the speed of the Crimson team, and, although they fought hard, they were seldom able to carry through a concerted attack. Owing to the lack of an indoor rink the Princeton team has had little practice during the last five weeks and this showed up.

In both the first and the second periods the Tigers got off to the best start and scored the opening goals. After five minutes of play Haight made the first score of the game on a long shot from the side. Up to this time the University's play was ragged and the teams seemed more evenly matched than had been supposed. After Princeton took the lead, however, the Crimson players got into action and had the rest of the period.


Bacon Ties Score.

F. McN. Bacon '21 tied the score about two minutes later when the forward line carried the puck up the rink for the first University tally. R. W. Emmons, 3rd, '20, followed him soon after on a hard shot from the side which bounced off Maxwell's leg into the net. Emmons also scored the next one a minute before the gong after Maxwell had undergone a short bombardment from the hard-shooting forward line. Bigelow ended up the period 4 to 1 in the University's favor on an individual dash through the entire Tiger Sextet.

Before a minute of the second period had elapsed Cochrane managed to tuck' the puck away for the second Princeton tally. A few seconds later Emmons made his third goal of the evening on a shot from scrimmage. Coach Winsor then sent in his substitute forward line to give the regulars a chance to rest before the final period. Haight made the last of the Tiger tallies shortly after the four-minute mark when he squeezed in by the Crimson defense.

Maxwell Brilliant at Goal.

In the last of the three periods Maxwell's brilliant work at goal was all that saved Princeton from an overwhelming defeat. Time and again the University brought the puck to the Orange and Black goal, only to have Maxwell intercept it. Bigelow made the only score of the period when he again slipped through the Tiger defense for a hard shot from side-rink. Both J. Stubbs '20 and N. S. Walker, Jr., '20, did excellent work on the defense line in breaking up the Tiger attack and in keeping it out of shooting distance.

Two games for the University sextet are scheduled at the Pavilion this week. On Wednesday night they meet the M.I.T. aggregation which won a 10-2 victory over Springfield Y.M.C.A. on Saturday. The Boston All-Stars, a team picked by George V. Brown and Coach Winsor, will meet the Crimson players at the close of the week.

The summary:

HARVARD.  PRINCETONBacon, Snelling, l.w.  r.w., Thorman, CochraneBigelow, Avery, c.  c., KnoxEmmons, Baker, r.w.  l.w., Keyes, RaleighWalker, c.p.  c.p., TerryStubbs, p.  p., HaightHolmes, g.  g., Maxwel