Student Council Passes Resolutions to Organize for Endowment Campaign of Two Weeks Duration.

Up to now the undergraduate body of Princeton has taken no active part in the Endowment Campaign of that university. In view of this fact a committee has been appointed and a systematic drive will be started on March 1, to last two weeks. The goal will be $100,000.

The Senior Council felt that the undergraduates could support the plan better if they were organized, and passed the following resolutions:

"Prompted by a feeling that the undergraduate body is not taking an active part in the Endowment campaign, because of a lack of campus organization; and further believing that it should be the privilege of every student to be an active participant in this drive which concerns all Princeton men, be it.

"Resolved, That the Senior Council will sponsor an active campaign for undergraduate subscriptions; and be it further

"Resolved, That the aim of this drive, which will be held from March 1 to March 15 inclusive, be set for a 100 per cent, subscription, and that the goal be $100,000."


The money is to be contributed either by direct subscription or by a pledge which may extend over a period of five years. Class committees are to be appointed soon to actively carry on the campaign.