Yearling Outfit Has Hard Contest Ahead Against Academy Quintet

This afternoon at 4 o'clock in the Hemenway Gymnasium the 1923 basketball team will meet the strong Dean Academy quintet. The Academy has had a remarkably good record and has the edge on the northern Massachusetts championship, having defeated all the Academy and "Y" teams in its district.

The 1923 line-up for tomorrow is as follows: A. E. McLeish, r.f.; J. Pallo, l.f.; H. B. Tyson (R. F. Doolittle), c.; D. F. Egan, r.g.; H. L. Hartley (N. Depopolo), l.g.

This game will be the fifth of the season. The first contest was played on February 12 with the Boston Y.M.C.A. All Stars, resulting in a 30-20 victory for the yearlings. The next two games were played with Andover, the first at Andover and second here, on February 14 and 18 respectively. Losing the first by a score of 34-17, the Freshman came back in the second game, thanks to much improved team-work and better familiarity with the floor, with a reversed score of 28-20. Saturday they lost to the St. George quintet at Newport, 27 to 22.

Few Shifts in Line-up

The line-up in these games has been practically unchanged since the season began. MacLeish, although not the greatest scorer, is a fast forward and particularly good at feeding the ball to his partner of the forward line. Pallo, the other forward, has a slight edge on the scoring.


Tyson, the center, is well fitted for his position by his height, and has so far been able to out jump his opponents. The guards, Egan and Hartley, both hard players, have seldom allowed the ball to remain long in their territory, forcing the opposing players to shoot from a distance.