Governor Alleh of Kansas, who came into the public eye last fall during the coal strike, is the choice of Professor T. N. Carver, professor of political economy, for the next president of the United States.

"Governor Allen," said Professor Carver in giving his reasons for his choice, "is the only officer in the United States to be elected to an important public office without having sought it. He was nominated and elected while he was serving with the Red Cross and did not lift a finger to secure the nomination or the election.

"But more important than that is the fact that he is the only man in public life who had shown a real grasp of the labor situation. He alone has had the courage to handle it is a constructive way.

"Governor Allen comes from the most typically American state--the most intelligent on the whole and the most progressive. He represents the central corps of Americanism, which, being interpreted, means the belief in the ability of the average man to look after himself; a distrust of the power of the mob whether organized or not; a profound belief in representative government and a willingness to support it with all one's power and resources, and at the same time a belief that the government should know its place and keep it."

What True Americanism Means


"More than anything else, Americanism means a belief in the geographical state without class consciousness or antagonism within the state; it means allegiance to this geographical group rather than to any class group, whether religious, occupational, racial or linguistic. It is that robust, self-reliant and energetic, but neighborly attitude, that regards all humanity within reach as neighbors and fellow-citizens; which in the main desires to be let alone, and whose neighborliness consists in the willingness to let its neighbors alone except in a time of need.

The great agricultural population of the middle west are the great exponents of this Americanism. American traditions and ideals are today the dominant element in their citizenship. If the country is to be saved from the general demoralization of the present day, it will be saved by this population and not by the urban population with their narrow class consciousness and antagonism, their splenetic attitude and petty quarrels. And there is no man who so completely embodies this broad and constructive spirit of nationalism as Governor Allen.