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Dartmouth placed first with 37 points against 31 for the University and 12 for Cornell in the triangular meet in Mechanics Hall last Saturday night. The Hanover team proved to be the surprise of the meet, for it took five first places and failed to score only in the mile run. The University won first place in the 300-yard dash, the mile run, the running high jump, and the relay. With no first places Cornell had little success in the meet.

The individual stars of the meet were Shelburne of Dartmouth, Captain D. F. O'Connell '21, E. J. Thomson of Dartmouth, C. G. Krogness, Jr. '21, and E. O. Gourdin '21. Shelburne won the 40-yard dash and the shot-put, while Thomson tied the world's record of 6 seconds in the 45-yard high hurdles, was second in the high jump, and ran well in the relay race. O'Connell won the mile after a close finish with Brown of Cornell, while Gourdin led the entire distance in the 300-yard dash, as well as placing second in the 40-yard dash. Krogness won the high jump over Thomson by a jump of 5 feet 11 1-2 inches.

O'Connell Wins the Mile.

Captain D. F. O'Connell '21, intercollegiate one-mile champion, again won that event in an extremely close finish. O'Connell led for the first two laps, when McDermott of Cornell pushed his way into first place for two more laps. Brown of Cornell raced into third place in the sixth lap, and the trio gradually drew off from the rest of the field. Brown then started away to win, with O'Connell close behind him. The two runners fought hard for a lap, but O'Connell passed Brown on the last corner and won.

The final event of the triangular meet was the relay. Felter of Cornell led E. O. Gourdin '21 at the end of the first round, but R. Chute '22, captain of last year's Freshman team, snatched the lead away from Cornell, racing by on the inside of the track. Captain D. F. O'Connell '21, the next runner, succeeded in getting a lead of 20 yards over his two opponents. B. Wharton '22, the University's anchor man, was opposed by E. J. Thomson of Dartmouth and J. M. Watt of Cornell. Thomson closed up on Wharton by a remarkable burst of speed in the last lap, but Wharton won from the Dartmouth star in the last five yards. Watt of Cornell finished third, 15 yards behind the leaders.

The two Freshman events, the 40-yard dash and the relay, were divided between Dartmouth and 1923. In the 40-yard dash Allen and Moore of Dartmouth finished first and second respectively, while Captain J. E. Kennedy '23 was a close third. In the first part of the relay J. W. Quinn '23 gained a lead of 10 yards on Allen of Dartmouth and Righter of Cornell. C. H. Hawes '23 increased the lead to 20 yards over Behringer of Dartmouth and Irish of Cornell. R. D. Howard '23 covered the distance in fast time and handed Captain Kennedy a lead of 10 yards, the latter winning the race by a five-yard margin. These events for the Freshmen did not count in the final scoring of the meet.

Meanix '19 Wins in N. E. A. A. U.

In the New England A. A. U. meet C. S. Evans, Unc. qualified for the semifinals, but was not successful in placing in the finals. W. H. Meanix '19, of the B. A. A. won the final heat of the 45-yard hurdles in 6 1-5 seconds. B. H. Tracy '22 reached the final heat of this event, but was unable to win a place. H. W. Minot '17 won the 600-yard dash, spurting in the final lap and leading Driscoll of Boston College by 15 yards.

The summary of the Triangular Meet follows:

1923 40-yard dash--First heat--Won by Allen (D.); second, Righter (C.); third, J. E. Kennedy '23. Second heat--Won by Moore (D.); second, Maroney (D.); third, Watt (C.), Final heat--Won by Allen (D.); second, Moore (D); third, J. E. Kennedy '23. Time of each heat--5 seconds.

University 40-yard dash--First heat--Won by Shelburne (D.); second, Minar (C.); third, P. C. Pearson '21. Second heat--Won by Prentiss (D.); second, E. O. Gourdin '21; third, Jordan (D.). Final heat--Won by Shelburne (D.); second, E. O. Gourdin '21; third, P. C. Pearson '21. Time of each heat--5 seconds.

Mile run--Won by Captain D. F. O'Connell '21; second, Brown (C.); third, McDermott (C.). Time--4 minutes 35 seconds.

300-yard run--Won by E. O. Gourdin '21; second, Prentiss (D.); third, Jordan (D.). Time--36 seconds.

45-yard high hurdles, first heat--Won by Thomson (D.); second, Watt (C.). Time--6 seconds. Second heat--Won by Smith (C.); second, C. G. Krogness, Jr., '21. Time--6 1-5 seconds. Final heat--Won by Thomson (D.); second, Smith (C.); third, Watt (C.). Time--6 seconds.

600-yard run--Won; by McGoughran (D.); second, W. H. Goodwin '20; third, John (C.). Time--1 minute 19 seconds.

1000-yard run--Won by Coakley (D.); second, Stanton (C.); third, J. A. McCarthy '22. Time--2 minutes, 25 3-5 seconds.

1923 Relay Race--Won by Harvard (J. W. Quinn, C. H. Hawes, R. D. Howard, J. E. Kennedy); second, Dartmouth (Allen, Behringer, Lewis, Moore); third, Cornell Righter, Irish, Richman, Frost.) Time--15 minutes, 3-5 seconds.

University Relay Race--Won by Harvard (E. O. Gourdin '21, R. Chute '22, D. F. O'Connell '21, B. Wharton '22); second, Dartmouth (Prentiss, Goodnow, Jordan, Thomson); third, Cornell (Felter, Chapman, Smith, Watt). Time--3 minutes, 15 2-5 seconds.

Running high jump Won by C. G. Krogness, Jr., '21, 5 ft., 11 1-2 in.; second Thomson (D.). 5 ft., 10 1-2 in.; third, tie between Fullenway (D.) and Moriarty (D.). 5 ft., 8 1-2 in.

Shot-put Won by Sherburne (D.), 43 ft., 10 1-2 in.; second, C. A. Clark Occ., 40 ft., 6 in.; Wallace (D.), 38 ft., 3 1-4 in

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