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In a recent interview for the CRIMSON, the Honorable William S. Kenyon, United States Senator from Iowa, warns against the probable action of the Republican party to nominate a presidential candidate at the convention in Chicago, Senator Kenyon is Chairman of the Committee on Labor and Education, and is one of the ablest Republicans in Congress.

"The self-appointed leaders of the Republican party," he said "may succeed in nominating a reactionary or stand-patter for President of the United States at the Chicago Convention. The feeling of disgust at the Democratic party is so strong that probably such a candidate of the Republicans would be elected; but what of the future? When he commenced to serve his masters and carry on the same kind of invisible government that the reactionaries believe in, it would be found that in the present day such methods would be brought to the full light of publicity. There would be such a tremendous reaction against it throughout the country that the probability is the forces of radicalism would unite and sweep out of power the Republican party in 1924.

"That seems to be something the so-called Republican leaders have entirely forgotten. They talk about sitting around the conference and picking the President of the United States as if the ordinary, plain, everyday folks were to have nothing to say about it. The day has gone by when a few men can select a President for the people, and the sooner the old crowd in the Reublican party learns this, the better it will be for the perpetuity of the party."

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