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Too often in past years, as one major sport has followed another in claiming the public eye, the cry has gone forth for support of the teams by undergraduates. That call has become over-familiar and is admittedly unpleasant. The more so on account of its necessity--but it has seldom failed to bring results in the form of increased interest throughout the University.

On Saturday night the track team competed in its first big inter-collegiate meet of the year. It went into that contest an unknown quantity,--and it emerged a fighting team, with great possibilities. Four first places gave the Crimson a substantial score and forced Dartmouth to her utmost. But the northern team won.--And why?--It had the backing!

Now "backing" consists of two elements: active support on the field, and a strong following in the cheering section.

Perhaps it was not so strange that Harvard failed to be in evidence as a rooting factor on Saturday. No cheering section had been organized, and the undergraduates scattered through the stands had to do their best without a leader. But these omissions did not lessen the smart of shame for those who listened to a visiting crowd from Hanover cheer Harvard's team, while Harvard--in her home city,--could not reply. Nor will there be any such excuse in the future. For the outdoor meets which are coming will be held in the Stadium.

The margin of Dartmouth's victory--six points,--shows in itself the value of strong "field support" to a team. It was a good solid number of seconds and thirds that gave the Green their lead. Those same points will be waiting, in future meets, to swing the balance toward victory; and Harvard can win them. But to do so she must have the active assistance of every man who has the slightest possibilities as a competitor on track or field.

All three of the major spring sports give promise of success. A healthy, well-knit backing is needed in order that they may follow the lead of football and hockey in making this a Harvard year.

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