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"If the twelve starving republics of Europe do not receive food before Christmas and in increasing quantities during the ensuing months, by April Bolshevism with all its terrors will have supplanted Republicanism in these lands." This is the statement which Dr. L. H. Murlin, president of Boston University, made in November on his return from relief work in Europe and which he reiterated in a recent interview with a CRIMSON reporter.

Dr. Murlin, who was secretary of the commission appointed by the Methodist-Episcopal Church of America to administer relief to stricken countries in Europe, spent four months last summer working among the people of these republics. He has, therefore, a large store of knowledge drawn from actual observation on which to base this diagnosis of the situation.

"Food," he said, "is the one matter of vital importance to Europe. It is indeed reaching the continental countries at present, but it is doubtful whether it is yet arriving in quantities sufficient to arrest the spread of the dictatorship of the proletariat. The American people must be made to realize that the infant republics of Europe are in the dire need of our aid, and that far from the armistice and treaty having brought about the success of the cause for which we were struggling, they rather added to the responsibilities of the Allies and particularly of America."

Tomorrow evening Dr. Murlin will address a meeting open to all members of the University at Phillips Brooks House under the auspices of the Harvard Graduate Schools Society, on "Our New Republics in Europe." This speech will be an enlargement of his other addresses on the same topic, and will contain radical suggestions concerning our relations with the European Republics.

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