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When Prince Joachim shied a plate at the head of a member of the French Mission with true Hohenzollern dexterity, he started more than even he expected. With the American Senate trying to squirm away from under world obligations, Great Britain gasping under active and latent industrial unrest, and the Bolshevik government threatening the Polish frontier, the German monarchists could not have picked a better time for their "comeback." France, alone, has been alive to the dangerous situation, but her warnings were only recently branded by President Wilson as imperialistic tendencies.

It is a feature of European revolutions that the wires are immediately cut. And then the game of pawns and kings goes on under cover of a rigid censorship. Yet the names of the players seem always to leak out. Those of von Jagow, von Tirpitz and Kapp cannot fail to stir up uneasy memories. It might be pertinent to recall that Lloyd George has not persuaded the Dutch to give up their royal guest. Amerongen is nearer to the scene of action than was Elba.

If the German counter-revolution proves as bad as it looks today, possibly the Entente and the United States might have done well to listen to the advice of "French Imperialism." Then Germany would not have dared to have a monarchistic revolt, nor could she have so easily refused the just demands of the Allies by feigning trouble with the Sparticides. As to what the world shall do now, that is another question. We imagine it would be in the nature of a real job for England or the United States to put an army worthy of the name in Germany. If intervention comes, France as usual must bear the brunt. And after it is over, she will again be thanked and called imperialistic. If intervention does not come, we may all have the pleasure of seeing the restoration of his Imperial Majesty, buried alive since the autumn of 1918 and in a forlorn spot where "wicked men detain him."

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