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In a recent interview with a CRIMSON reporter Professor Warren K. Wainwright, formerly of the department of government at the University of Illinois, voiced his ardent approval of Governor Frank Orren Lowden of Illinois as the Republican candidate for president in the coming election. Professor Wainwright is confident that Governor Lowden will win the Republican nomination at the annual convention of the party at Chicago this next June. Commenting upon Mr. Lowden the professor says:

"Among the many men who have become potent possibilities for the Republican nomination for President of the United States in the next election, the West protrudes a man of unusual executive ability in the Honorable Frank Orren Lowden, Governor of Illinois. With the reconstruction and reorganization of the entire world after the recent war, and with the intricate problems of government which are steadily facing this country, there is an urgent call for a man of proved legal and administrative ability to guide the destinies of the nation. Governor Lowden best typifies the sterling qualities which are needed in our next president, for his thorough study of governmental problems together with years of legislative and legal work have enabled him to give the State of Illinois a sound government.

"Governor Lowden's experience in the sphere of politics has been marked by his strict adherence to the underlying principles of true Americanism, and his persistent endeavor to co-operate with the people in every conceivable manner. As early as 1887 the fame of his integrity as a lawyer had spread broadcast throughout the Western and Middlewestern States. As a believer in the principles and policies of the Republican Party, Governor Lowden has been exceedingly active and influential in the councils of the State of Illinois and of the nation.

Besides representing his state countless of times in the National Conventions of his party and serving for years in the State legislature and in Congress, he was chairman of the Executive Committee that so successfully managed Colonel Roosevelt's campaign for the presidency in 1904. About Mr. Lowden Roosevelt centered many important positions of the utmost trust--all of which were discharged with such flawless efficiency and integrity that he gained the confidence and admiration of the people of the entire West. This implicit faith and condence has always been warranted by his conduct and accomplishments.

In his present position of Governor of Illinois Mr. Lowden has devoted all his efforts to better the laws of the state and make necessary improvements in the condition of the affairs of the state. Throughout the period of the World War the governor took firm steps to prevent the occurrence of riots and strikes, and by his untiring perseverance he succeded in reducing all outbreaks against law and order to the minimum. Then, too, the express purpose of making improvements upon the roadways and increasing the facilities for commerce Governor Lowden exercised his influence in the legislature for the passage of laws that would effect these desired changes.

"Coupled with a complete knowledge of the basic principles of substantial government, the governor possesses to a marked degree a sincere devotion to the cause of the American people. In no one section of the country are all his energies centered nor in any one class of people are all his interests placed, but he is concerned with the progress of the whole country and the welfare of all classes of people. Gifted with experience and ability as an executive, endowed with personal charm and eloquence, Governor Lowden may confidently await the Republican Convention with the calm assurance that his past accomplishments will bring their reward."

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