Preliminary Bouts to Be Held on March 19; All Final Rounds Scheduled for Saturday, March 20.

The rules which will govern the New England Intercollegiate Wrestling meet at Springfield on March 19 and 20 were adopted at a recent meeting of managers from the six colleges to be entered in the meet held in the Varsity Club. As there are only six colleges, four will have to wrestle preliminary bouts in certain weights before competing in the semi-finals.

Drawings were made at this meeting to match the colleges in each of the seven weights, and to determine which two, in each weight, should have a "bye" and should be placed in the semi-finals immediately. The University grapplers drew "byes" in five out of the seven weights, which gives the Crimson a considerable advantage in the tournament. The other teams entered are Brown, Dartmouth, M.I.T., Springfield, and Tufts.

It is planned to run the meet off on two nights. On the first night, Friday, March 19, all preliminary matches and the semi-finals in the 115-pound, 125-pound and 135-pound classes will be wrestled, making a total of 24 bouts. On the second night, Saturday, March 20, it was decided to conclude the tournament with the semi-finals of the 145-pound, 158-pound and 175-pound and heavyweight classes, and the finals in all classes, making a total of 11 bouts.

Captain H. S. Arms of the Springfield matmen was chosen manager of the meet. It was also voted that he should receive a gold die medal for his work in that capacity. According to the agreement of the managers, each college must send a full team of seven men, and no man shall wrestle in more than one weight.

With victories over Princeton, Tufts, and Springfield, the University team should be an important factor in the meet. Of those in the tournament, the Crimson wrestlers have not yet met M.I.T., Dartmouth, and Brown. The fact that Brown failed to get a single bout in its recent meet with Yale would be sufficient to testify the weakness of its team. M. I. T. and Dartmouth still remain unknown factors so far as Harvard is concerned.