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Co-education at the University! What delightful vistas our imaginations open at these words! The transformation of that dull class in Paleontology 37 X when you discover the delightful blonde two seats to the left to have a most ingratiating smile. We can picture the amorous flirtation between freshmen in Psychology A, ripening four years later into a romantic courtship between fellow classmates in the "Education of the Child." With beatific dreams of languorous "co-eds," we wonder why we have failed to welcome women students long, long ago.

But Alas! It can never be! The new school of pedagogy may allow women pupils, but we feel sure that the College will never be subject to the feminizing sway. That timid idea, so tentatively proposed by the Governing Board will not be adopted at Harvard. The stern spirits of every Puritan from Miles Standish to Cotton Mather arise in solemn protest. We see the inventor of the original "New England conscience" deliver his fateful warning.--Never. The drear halls of Sever shall not be made frivolous. No shall they invade the awful precincts of "Mem". For this is your God: Education. And Education is austere. Elseit were not Education. Amen.

The dream fades. Regretfully we admit that the Fathers are right. But what a pity!

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