What is Going On Today

Rifle match between the University and Norwich University.

7.00.--Trials for acting parts in the Dramatic Club play, "The Governor's Daughter." Phillips Brooks House.

7.00.--1923 debating manager competition begins, 28 Plympton St.

7.30.--Dr. Moss addresses Aeronautical Society in Pierce 202. Open to all members of the University.

8.00.--"Vacuum Tubes." Professor E. L. Chaffee. Crufts Laboratory, Room 39.


8.00.--Musical Club Concert. John Knowles Paine Concert Hall.

8.15.--"Ethnology: Its Aims and Needs." Dr. W. H. R. Rivers of St. John's College, Cambridge, England. Emerson D.

8.15.--"The Doctrine of Plant's Signature; and Ancient Basis of Medicine." Professor M. L. Fernald. Peter Bent Brigham Hospital.