After the severe defeat at the hands of the Yale team, the University track men will at Princeton face the runners who were victorious over the Elis two weeks ago, with the odds heavily against them. The Tiger team contains such stars as Captain Erdman, Lourie, Brown, Halsey and Swede, all of whom have been heavy scorers this season, turning in a total of 38 points in the Yale meet. There will be a close contest between E. O. Gourdin '21 and Lourie of the Tiger team, as both entrants are all-around men and they will face each other in the century dash and in the broad-jump. If Swede, the Princeton wonder in the long-distance races, is picked to run against Captain D. F. O'Connell '21, the present intercollegiate mile champion, it will undoubtedly develop into the mile race of the year, for both runners have so far been unbeatable.

Princeton Sure Winner in Hurdles

It is in the hundred, the quarter, the broad-jump and the pole-vault that the Crimson must show its strength, while the Orange and Black are favored in the hurdles, the half, the weight events and the high-jump. The scoring in the mile and two-mile hinges on the Tiger decision as to what Swede will compete in.

In the hundred and two-twenty dashes, Gourdin, R. Chute '22 and P. C. Pearson Occ. will meet Brown and Lourie, the leading Princeton speedsters, while in the quarter W. H. Goodwin '20, who won his race against both Tech and Yale, will force Stevenson and Lambert to the limit. These two Princeton men trailed Coxe of Yale in the 440 in their meet. B. Lewis '20 and C. L. Bond E.S., are the University's strongest contenders in the two-mile, while B. H. Tracy '22, F. C. Church '20 and R. S. Whitney '22 will run up against Erdman, Massey and Trowbridge in the hurdles.

R. W. Harwood '20 should capture first place in the pole-vault and C. A. Clark Jr. Occ. should place in the shot-put. Gourdin is again expected to perform well in the broad-jump, as is L. B. Sanderson '20. A. McElwain '21 and G. G. Monks are the Crimson's hopes in the hammer throw against Speers and McCaull of the Tiger combination.