What Is Going On Today

2.30.--Track: 1923 vs. Princeton 1923.

3.00.--Golf: University vs. Pennsylvania at Belmont.

3.00.--Track: University vs. Princeton at Princeton.

3.00.--Baseball: University vs. Princeton: 1923 vs. Exeter at Exeter.

3.00.--Tennis: University vs. West Side Country Club at West Side, N. Y.: 1923 vs. Lynn English High School at Divinity Field.


4.00.--Gun Club in Intercollegiate match at New Haven.

5.00.--Crew: University and 1923 vs. Cornell University and 1923 at Ithaca; 1923 class crew vs. Yale 1921 at New Haven.

7.00.--Business School dinner.

7.30.--Last performance of "The Governor's Wife" at the Barn, Wellesley Bills.