In preparation for the American Henley regatta to be held next Saturday at Philadelphia, in which the first and second University crews have been entered, one new man was yesterday brought up to the first eight, and the line-ups of the second and third boats were changed. Not only was a new man brought up to crew A, but also several changes were made in the seating within the boat. R. K. Kane '22 is in the old seat of J. A. Burden '21 at 5, while the latter fills the position of S. Damon '21 at 7; Damon is now rowing number 3 on A, replacing G. Appleton '22, who went to number 3 in the second boat.

Second Eight Also Changed

Two new men were brought up to the second crew, H. Brown '22 replacing M. E. Olmsted '21 at stroke, while Olmsted went to number 6 in the same boat. M. Bradlee '22 is now rowing in the second seat in place of C. F. Batchelder Jr. '20, who has been moved to number 4. Brown and Bradlee were formerly rowing in the third shell and have changed boats with G. L. Batchelder Occ. and S. A. Duncan '22, Duncan, who was rowing at 4 on B is now stroking the third eight, while Batchelder has changed from number 6 in the second boat to 4 on C.

Howard Townsend '22, who was formerly rowing on the first Sophomore class crew, is now in the position of 5 on C. Other than Batchelder's and Duncan's being moved to that shell, there were no changes.

The new line-ups follow:


University A--Bow, Davis; 2, Lothrop; 3, Damon; 4, McCagg; 5, Kane; 6, Terry; 7, Burden; stroke, Jenney; coxswain, Peirson.

University B--Bow, Atkinson; 2, Bradlee; 3, Appleton; 4, C. F. Batchelder Jr.; 5, Borland; 6, Olmsted; 7, Pond; stroke, H. Brown; coxswain, Williams.

University C--Bow, C. Cabot; 2, Withington; 3, LaFarge; 4, G. Batchelder; 5, Townsend! 6, Morris; 7, Hull; stroke, Duncan; coxswain, Steedman.