Peirson Now on A and Williams on B.--1923 Rows Middlesex Today at Concord.

Yesterday afternoon the coxswains of the first and second University eights were changed, E. L. Peirson, Jr., '21, who has had the second crew in his charge, and F. S. Williams '22, who has been coxing the first boat, changing places, Peirson going to crew A and Williams to B. In addition, R. K. Kane '22 is temporarily rowing in place of S. Damon '21 at 7 in the first boat, while J. N. Borland '21 is taking Kane's place on the second eight. This afternoon the two crews will race together over the two-mile course in the basin at 3 o'clock.

A Freshman race is scheduled for today when the two 1923 four-oar crews will compete against Middlesex School's first four over the half-mile course at Concord. The University fours are very evenly matched, but it is not known what kind of opposition they will encounter from Middlesex. The line-ups of the crews are as follows:

First 1923 Four.--Bow, Tucker; 2, Westengard; 3, Collier; stroke, J. W. Wood; coxswain, Lanman.

Second 1923 Four.--Bow, Perkins; 2, Brander; 3, Habicht; stroke, Thayer; coxswain, Little.

Middlesex Four.--Bow, Shattuck; 2, Hamilton; 3, Hollister; stroke, Cook; coxswain, Miller.