Star Schoolboy Aggregation Includes Winners From Penn. Carnival.

Exeter is to be the opponent of the Freshman track team this afternoon at Exeter in a meet which will in all probability be determined by the winning of second and third places. The New Hampshire schoolboys have an unusually strong all-around team and the yearlings will be forced to fight for every point.

In Captain F. W. Waterman, H. W. Hitzrot and M. K. Douglas, Exeter has a trio of sprint and distance men who have so far proven unbeatable. With Captain J. E. Kennedy, R. D. Howard, W. C. Bennett and H. R. Davis, however, the Crimson runners will make a strong bid for places.

Waterman, who led the relay quartet which won both the Interscholastic Medley Relay Championship of the United States and the One-Mile Relay Preparatory School Championship of the United States in the recent Pennsylvania Relay Carnival, will be easily Exeter's strongest man in the dashes. Together with G. W. Chapman, P. E. Yea- ton and S. C. Swede, winners of the quarter-mile schoolboy race at the B. A. A. games last winter, he will fight for honors in the sprints against Kennedy, C. H. Hawes, Howard and V. Chapin of the yearling outfit. The half-mile and the mile-runs will be very closely contested since the distance men on each team are exceptionally good. Bennett, R. N. Bryan and J. G. Winchester will run for the 1923 team in these events, while Exeter banks her hopes on Chapman, Hitzrot, A. F. Jones and Douglas, the last of whom was a member of the United States team in the Inter-Allied games last summer, and who won the handicap mile at the B. A. A. games.

Crimson Strong in Hurdles.

The Crimson should do well in the hurdles with Hawes, Bennett and P. W. Goodell entered. In the pole-vault Davis, W. H. Churchill and H. J. Freedman will oppose S. B. Ferguson, while Davis, Freedman, A. K. Murray, H. Phillips and F. B. Allen will meet M. M. Annan and G. Cowles in the high-jump. In the broad-jump, G. T. Barker, L. Dejone and H. Stires will compete against H. W. Davis for Exeter.


H. C. Emery and F. G. Cleveland are the New Hampshire school's best men in the two weight events, while the yearlings will rely upon Davis, R. K. MacKaye, M. W. Self, S. B. Andrew, H. W. Clark and B. S. Cogan