With but one player from the 1920 golf team who will not return to College, and with capable material available from the Freshman team, prospects are bright that the University will have a decidedly successful season next spring. A. L. Peirson '20, at present golf champion of the College, is the only graduating member of the team, which this year was victorious in seven of its nine matches.

The election of a captain has not as yet been held and will probably lie between H. S. Lake '20, this year's leader, who is planning to return to College, D. Jones '22 and C. W. Baker '22. These men are all about equal in form, for although Lake was defeated in a majority of his matches, he was under the handicap of playing No. 1 position. The other two were generally victorious over their opponents and may be relied upon for steady work. Among the other players on the team, G. Henderson '21 is an extremely long driver, but is lacking in general steadiness. S. A. Duncan '22, F. McN. Bacon '21 and C. W. Baker '22 are also apt to be erratic but are capable of playing good golf.

'23 Captain to Go to Intercollegiates

Among the available Freshman material, Captain C. C. de Gersdorff will be the leading candidate for next season's team. He is able to turn in as good a score as any man in College, and while still lacking somewhat in steadiness, should improve rapidly. He will be taken to the Intercollegiates at Long Island this month. Another promising candidate for the team will be G. G. Folin, who has been playing in No. 2 position. S. H. Browne has also shown great improvement of late and may develop into an able player.

Although both the University and Freshman teams were defeated by Yale, and the former lost also to Princeton, the season should not be considered a failure, as not another match was lost to a college or school team. Against Princeton, where the score was 7-2, five of the matches were not decided until the eighteenth hole; and against Yale the University, after losing all three foursomes, split even on the twosomes for a 3-6 defeat. The Freshman score against Yale was 7-11, the Nassau system being followed in totaling. The University's season includes victories over most of the prominent eastern colleges, while the Freshmen won from Exeter and other able teams.


The University record follows: Harvard 4, Amherst 0; Harvard 8, Brown 1; Harvard 7, Columbia 2; Harvard 7, Cornell 1; Harvard 2, Princeton 7; Harvard 8, Williams 1; Harvard 5, Dartmouth 4; Harvard 6, University of Pennsylvania 3; Harvard 3, Yale 6.

The Freshman record: Freshmen 4, Exeter 1; Freshmen 3, Newton 2; Freshmen 2, St. Mark's Faculty 13 (Nassau system); Freshmen 3, Brookline 2; Freshmen 3; Newton 2; Freshmen 7, Yale Freshmen 11 (Nassan system).