Twelve Men of This Year's Squad of Fourteen Will Return to College

Throughout the past season the gymnastic team has been undergoing a stage of reorganization, and in this it has met with great success. In 1917, when but two skilled men remained from the victorious 1916 team, the results of the season were unsatisfactory; during the war years no team at all represented the University. Consequently, at the beginning of the season in December, 1919, a serious problem confronted the efforts to reinstate the gym team to its original standing.

It was decided to recruit the squad from the Sophomores and Freshmen in order to form a nucleus for a strong team next year, and using this year those men who were eligible to compete. The plan was successful. The services of Mr. Seikel of Waltham were secured as coach, and a squad of 19 men started work, 14 of whom were retained through the entire season until April.

Two Defeats This Season, One Victory

Three meets and the Intercollegiates comprised the schedule at the end of the season. The first was a defeat at the hands of Princeton and M. I. T. in a triangular meet. This was followed by a very closely contested match with Dartmouth in which Harvard finally won, 27-26. The team again went down to defeat at the hands of Yale at New Haven by a very unbalanced score, 37-17, and at the Intercollegiates Captain Wiley just failed to win a place. Although Wiley is leaving the team this year, all but two of the 14 men are returning, most of them for at least two more years on the team. Of the most promising material for next year are two of this year's point winners, K. Campbell '21 and J. K. Bragger '22, and this season's ineligible men: J. R. Weist '23, M. H. Bailey Jr. Unc., H. D. Ingraham '22, F. K. Safford '23, La. F. H. Nickels Unc., A. I. Smith Unc.

Mr. Seikel has promised to coach the team again next year, thus making the outlook very favorable for a successful season.


The schedule will be a heavy one, probably including meets with Yale, M. I. T., Dartmouth, Brown, Princeton and Williams or Amherst, as well as the several pre-competition exhibitions, which are given early in the season for training the men.

Emphasis will again be placed on getting the material entirely from the Sophomores and Freshmen, and on forming a Freshman team when sufficient interest is shown by the newcomers.