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Chairmen Should Refer Questions to Bolton Holworthy 8, 11-12


Below is full announcement of the list of box chairmen for the Senior spread. Every one is urged to come promptly at 8 o'clock. Lowe's 25-piece orchestra will furnish the music, and a buffet-supper will be served from 11 to 12. Any chairman whose name is not in this list should see J. C. Bolton '20 from 11 to 12 o'clock in Holworthy 8 today. The list of assignments to boxes follows:

C. W. Alexander, box 21; A. L. Benjamin, box 86; D. Berman, box 26; J. L. Bodge, box SS; J. C. Bolton, box 60; B. Carpenter, box 3; F. C. Church Jr., box 14; G. Crompton Jr., box 6; F. R. Davis, box 1; P. R. Doolin, box 68; C. W. Eliot 2d, box-16; B. S. Field, box 18; R. Fiske Jr., box 12; E. Fleischmann, box 35; J. C. S. Fleming, box 5; D. E. Gardner, box 4; G. C. D. Gardner, boxes 38 and 40; E. Ginsburgh, boxes 82 and 84; H. Ginsburgh, boxes 28 and 30; J. R. Goodnow, box 7; F. E. Green, box 13; R. H. Green- man, box 90; R. W. Goepport, box 11; C. C. Haddock, box 2; L. L. Heek, box 17; J. S. Higgins, box 62; T. G. Holcombe, boxes 70, 72, 74; L. A. Levy, box 33; B. Lewis, box 64; K. E. Luttropp, box 92; P. K. McElroy, boxes 44-46; L. B. Merchant, box 42; P. D. Morison, box 32; A. H. Perkins, box 20; C. Redd 2d, box 80; J. B. Read Jr., box 78; R. C. Rowse, box 31; H. T. Siebert, box 19; R. W. Shaw, box 27; M. M. Smith, box 23; F. C. Southworth Jr., box 15; J. Stubbs, boxes 48, 50, 52, 54; D. A. Taggart, box 25; W. W. Thompson, box 9; C. Thorndike, box 10; A. Tumaroff, box 34; W. B. Watkins, box 22; J. B. Wheelwright, box 3; U. B. Whittler, box 29; J. B. Wilson Jr., box 76; D. H. Worrall, box 66.

Tables for the following have been reserved:

J. A. Baker, table A; R. B. Clark, table G; G. L. Fischer, table I; P. C. Francis, table H; W. W. Johnson, table J; L. D. Stocker, table K; P. K. Thomas, table B; G. L. Van Bergen, table C

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