CAMP KNOX, KY., June 21.--With the arrival late tonight of the last Harvard contingent and 15 men from Cornell, Battery E, the unit to which Harvard is attached, will be practically at full strength. The men now in camp have been uniformed, equipped and organized into skeleton batteries, which are being filled out, as quickly as students arrive from the various colleges.

The R. O. T. C. area is at the top of a high hill, more or less isolated from the rest of the camp. Each battery is quartered in four separate buildings, a section to each building. The area is lighted by electricity and equipped with an up-to-date shower bath and toilet system.

Batteries Organized by Schools

Each battery has been organized according to schools, as far as possible, with cadet officers from each school in charge. Harvard at present composes "E" Battery's second platoon, with H. H. Hudson '23 as acting platoon lieutenant. E. A. Norman '23 is acting chief of section. L. G. Pruett from Culver Military Academy is acting battery commander, and R. P. Paton of the University of Oklahoma is acting first sergeant. The regular army officers assigned to the battery are Captain T. J. J. Christian, Professor of Military Science and Tactics at Connell, and a West Point graduate Captain J. M. Fray, instructor at Culver, and Captain R. T. Guthrie, Professor of Military Science at Oklahoma. Captain Goetz of the University R. O. T. C. is in charge of the riding and draft, and is not attached to Battery E.

Good Facilities for Recreation


The men are given very liberal restrictions when off duty. A plentiful supply of athletic equipment has been issued, and many baseball diamonds, tennis courts and playing fields are available for the students' use.

There are several canteens at Stithton, a small village near Camp Knox, and a small R. O. T. C. exchange has been installed near the students' area. Then men, when off duty, are allowed and urged to make use of the Camp Knox Officers' Club, which is fully equipped with a reading room, barber shop, tennis courts, soda fountain and dance hall. Once a week dances are held at the club and all cadets are invited to attend. During the week the men are free from third mess at 6.30 P. M. until taps at 10. On Saturdays and Sundays the cadets will be permitted to go to Louisville or other neighboring places, to be absent from camp over night.

The mess is excellent and extremely well managed. The daily schedule of calls is as follows: First call,  5.45 A. M. Reveille,  5.55 A. M. Assembly,  6.00 A. M. First mess,  6.30 A. M. Drill,--7.30, continued until  11.30 A. M. Second mess,  12.15 P. M. Drill, 1.30, continued until  4.30 P. M. Retreat,  5.30 P. M. Third mess,  6.30 P. M. Tattoo,  9.30 P. M. Call to quarters,  9.45 P. M. Taps,  10.00 P. M. Sundays: First call,  7.45 A. M. Assembly,  8.00 A. M. First mess,  8.30 A. M. Second mess,  1.00 P. M.

This week Battery "E" will have five two-hour periods of equitation five hours of pistol preparatory aiming and sighting drills, and will shoot instruction and record practice on the range. Beside this there will be work in gun squads, mounted and dismounted topography, and calisthenics and physical exercises. There will also ge guard-mount for one battery each evening.