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In the annual regatta with Yale on the Thames June 25, the University eight defeated Yale by about seven lengths over the four-mile course. Yale won both the morning races, each two miles long, from the University second eights and Freshman eights respectively; the lead of the Yale second-crow was about three-quarters of a length and the Yale freshmen finished about half a length ahead of the University freshmen.

The race started with conditions almost perfect, the tide running in, but at the half-way mark the crews ran into slack water and therefore made the time 23 minutes 11 seconds for the whole race, the slowest in many years. The race was as hard-fought as any ever seen on the river, with the University leading at the two-mile mark by five seconds, and at the three-mile mark by only six seconds.

The Freshman eight, although the favorite in this race, was slow, and the oarsmen were unable to raise the stroke, the result of which was a defeat of more than half a length. In the second crews' race, Yale led from the start, although the University rowed a hard race with a fairly high stroke. The graduates' race was unfortunate for the University men, due to too small a shell, but despite this handicap they were but a half a length behind at the finish.

The line-up of the crews follows:

Yale University Eight--Bow, D. G. Driscoll '20; 2, J. S. Moulton '20; 3, Philip Allen Jr. '19; 4, S. Y. Hord '21; 5, J. H. Flagg '20; 6, J. J. Schieffelin '19; 7, G. C. Ellis '22; stroke, C. C. Peters (captain) '19; coxswain, R. Carson '21.

Yale Second Eight--Bow, G. V. Whitney '22; 2, J. L. Carman Jr. '22; 3, G. M. Walker '19; 4, B. L. Lawrence '20; 5, B. Robinson '19; 6, E. G. Janeway '22; 7, H. J. Mali '21; stroke, Ward Cheney '22; coxswain, H. Hadden '21.

Yale Freshman Eight--Bow, A. N. Wheeler Jr.; 2, J. B. Platt; 3, E. R. Trowbridge; 4, C. M. Trowbridge; 5, G. H. Gates; 6, B. B. Pelly (captain); 7, R. B. Russell; stroke, J. Freeman; coxswain, B. W. Chase.

Harvard University Eight--Bow, Wendell Davis (captain) '21; 2, F. B. Lothrop '21; 3, J. A. Burden '21; 4, M. E. Olmsted '21; 5, Lawrence Terry '22; 6, L. B. McCagg Jr. '22; 7, R. K. Kane '22; stroke, Reginald Jenney '22; coxswain, E. L. Peirson Jr. '21.

Harvard Second Eight--Bow, Sherman Damon '21; 2, Malcolm Bradlee '22; 3, G. M. Appleton '22; 4, C. F. Batchelder '21; 5, H. R. Atkinson '21; 6, S. A. Duncan '22; 7, T. T. Pond '21; stroke Huntington Brown '22; coxswain, F. S. Williams '22.

Harvard Freshman Eight--Bow, Hamilton Garland; 2, W. O. Clark; 3, A. H. Ladd Jr.; 4, H. S. Morgan (captain); 5, P. B. Kunhardt; 6, J. M. Cooper; 7, W. K. Shaw Jr.; stroke, Garrison Norton; coxswain, S. C. Badger.

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