Campaign to be Conducted to Aid Starving Children

At a recent meeting, the Student Council voted to authorize a Hoover Drive in the University for the purpose of raising money to help feed the starving children of Europe. The detailed arrangements for this drive will be made by the class officers and an announcement concerning the plans issued within a few days.

The Student Council voted to send a representative to the "Invisible Guest" dinner which will be held in Symphony Hall Thursday evening, January 13. Herbert Hoover, food administrator for the United States during the war, and national chairman of the European Relief Council, which is now in charge of the work of feeding the starving children, will speak at the dinner. Seats to the dinner will be at $100 per plate, with first balcony spectators' seats at $25, and second balcony reservations at $15 each. All the proceeds will be used to buy food for the starving children. The meal which will be served consists of stew, cocoa, and bread, the same food which is being served daily to 3,500,000 starving children in Europe. The "Invisible Guest" at the dinner, the starving childhood of Europe, will be symbolized by a small, empty high chair placed at the right hand of Mr. Hoover. Members of the Glee Club and artists from the New York Metropolitan Opera House will sing.

Twenty-three million dollars is the quota that has been set for the United States in this drive. John W. Hallowell '01 is the chairman and James Jackson '04 the treasurer of the Massachusetts Committee which has already raised $500,000. The money will be used to support the 17,000 feeding stations, clinics, hospitals and asylums which have been established in Europe.