B. A. A. Games Scheduled for Saturday, February 5, Chief Event of Winter Season

Beginning today the University and Freshman winter track squads will report in groups every afternoon. University sprinters and 440-yard relay men, 880-yard relay men, and distance men will report at different times, while University and Freshman hurdlers will practice in the baseball cage with the field event men. All other '24 men and those who cannot report on regular schedule will meet together.

The track management is trying to arrange an informal dual meet for January 29. There will be no other meets for this month, except in case a few men are sufficiently conditioned to enter some invitation meet in the latter part.

The Boston Athletic Association games on Saturday, February 5, will be the occasion of the first appearance of the teams in public. In these the University 880-yard relay team will race Yale, the University 440-yard team will be pitted against M. I. T., and the Freshman 440-yard relay team will have the Yale '24 team as an opponent.

Plans are under way for holding a meet between the Freshman team and Worcester Academy at Soldiers Field, with February 19 as the probable date. Cornell, Dartmouth and Harvard University and Freshman teams will held a triangular meet in conjunction with N. E. A. A. U. on February 26. Mechanics Hall will be used for this instead of the Arena as formerly planned.

The winter carnival will be the last event for the track squad before the spring trip. It will be held in the first week in March, provided that no men are entered in the N. Y. A. C. games, in which case it will come the second week in March, weather permitting.

The plan of the University team running in the medley relay race against Yale, Princeton and Cornell, at the John Wansmaker games in Madison Square Garden on March 16, has been tentatively cancelled. It may, however, be arranged at a later date.