The University debating teams will hold their first debate of the year tonight, when the affirmative team meets the Bates negative team at Lewiston, Me., and the negative meets the Colgate affirmative at Hamilton N. Y., in a triangular debate.

The affirmative team is composed as follows: 1, S. A. Rosenblatt '22; 2, H. J. Friendly '23; 3, C. W. Phelps '22. P. J. Harmel will accompany the team as alternate. C. W. Phelps is in charge of team on the trip. The negative team, which left for Hamilton last night, is made up of the following men: 1, W. H. Hardy '22; 2, H. J. Starr '21; 3, P. G. Fanning unC. Manager G. P. Hiller '21 went with the team and will act as alternate. Fenning is in charge.

The subject of the debate is, "Resolved: That the government should own and operate the coal mines of the United States." The constitutionality of the proposal is officially waived.

The teams have been doing intensive work on this subject since the Christmas recess, under the direction of C. W. Phelps, the only veteran of last year's team who is still in College. The men have been severely handicapped by the lack of a Faculty coach.

This is the first debate this year for Colgate, but Bates, with an unusually strong team, has already one victory to her credit, having defeated Yale two weeks ago by a unanimous decision.