$3,319.75 was whe sum collected in the Hoover drive up to 9 o'clock last night when the reports of the various dormitory canvassers were totaled. The committee in charge of the drive is disappointed with this result in view of the amounts contributed by other colleges. Teachers' College of Columbia raised $8000; Ohio Wesleyan and Rutgers, both colleges much smaller than the University, raised $3200 and $3000 respectively; and Lawrenceville Preparatory School $4500; while the students at the University of Illinois have given $18,000, and Yale is trying for $10,000.

In the University, Smith Halls lead the drive with $394.50, and Gore Hall is second with $350. These halls, however, are two of the largest College dormitories and since only a little over half the men in them have subscribed to date, their totals are expected to rise much higher.

There has been an unfortunate misunderstanding in the Graduate School dormitories which has kept their subscriptions low. Graduate students have not given any money to undergraduate canvassers in expectation of being approached by graduates. The committee wishes to make it clear that all of the University dormitories are being canvassed by undergraduates.

There are 2185 men in dormitories throughout the University. Of these, only 606 men, or less than one-third, have contributed to the Hoover fund. Canvassing in the dormitories will continue today and tomorrow and the committee hopes that before the end of the drive a fund will have been collected which will make the University compare favorably with other colleges.