The generosity of the Princeton Triangle Club in giving the proceeds of its Jordan Hall production to the Harvard Endowment Fund is so striking that it is unnecessary for the CRIMSON to comment upon it further than to extend the thanks of the University to the members of the club.

Few Harvard men have had the privilege of seeing a Triangle production, as this is the first time the Princeton club has made a trip to Boston. Those who have been fortunate enough to see the show in New York or the west cannot fall to appreciate that the Triangle Club is among the very best, if not the leader, of college musical comedy associations. It is in no way comparable to either the Hasty Pudding Club or Pi Eta, because the members of the club are chosen by competition, and because all of the work, including the scenery and the orchestra, as well as the acting, music, and book, is done by members. In this way, the club is able to utilize the best talent in the university, as the members are chosen for their ability rather than for any other considerations.

Being on a purely competitive basis, the Triangle Club plays a much more important part at Princeton than the Hasty Pudding or Pi Eta here, and membership in it is highly prized. The fact that nearly 600 men, or about one-third of the college came out for the competition this fall indicates the popularity of the club. With competitions in so many different fields, opportunity is given for undergraduates to give expression to almost every kind of interest or ability.

As long as the present "closed" system of competition remains here, it is going to be almost impossible for any Harvard club to put on a musical comedy production which will compare favorably with the professional finesse shown in "They Never Come Back."

In addition to aiding the Endowment Fund, the Triangle Club deserves the thanks of the University for offering such a high standard with which to compare our own musical comedy ventures.