HARVARD  M. A. C. Emmons, r.w.  l.w., Gordon Captain Bigelow, r.c.  l.c., Lyons Buntin, l.c.  r.c., Mansell, Snow Bacon, l.w.  r.w., Captain McCarthy Owen, c.p.  c.p., Collins Humphrey, p.  p., Poole Holmes, g.  g., Newell

Harvard's hockey machine is ready for the two fast games which feature on the Crimson card this week. Following the early season success over King's College and the B. A. A., the seven has had a week in which to round out into a balanced team, and little doubt need be felt about the outcome tonight of the contest with M. A. C.

The Agricultural College team under Captain Justin McCarthy is due to open against Captain Bigelow's men at 8.15 o'clock at the new Boston Arena. The visitors will bring a strong outfit, said to stand on equal footing with this season's Dartmouth squad, by whom they were defeated 3-2 in an overtime period at Hanover last week. The result of the game tonight will thus offer a good estimate of the probable strength of the Green team, which meets the University next Saturday.

Elton Mansell, a former Arlington High skater, who has been acting as regular coach for the M. A. C. outfit, will be depended on as the chief point-scorer for the visitors. Collins, on the defense, is also likely to give the Crimson forwards some trouble.

University in Scrimmage With B. A. A.

Three tallies slipped by John Wylde '15, the crack Unicorn goal-keep in a snappy thirty-minute scrimmage between the B. A. A. and the University at the Arena last night. Captain Bigelow, Emmons and Buntin each succeeded in eluding the amateurs' defense for a score before Coaches Alfred Winsor '02 of the B. A. A. and William H. Claflin '15 of the University seven began to send in the substitute-line.

Although the first Crimson seven seems fairly well settled by this time, Coach Claflin has had his eye to possible contingencies, and has been trying out various combinations in the forward line in recent practices. Despite the fact that Emmons and Bacon clearly outshine Baker and Angier on the wings, the latter pair are putting up an excellent brand of hockey, and sure of a chance in the later periods. Buntin and Snelling have both worked out at right center, in Captain Bigelow's regular position, and in case of accident, any pair from these three will present a smooth working combination.

Roger Gratwick and Eli Stillman are likeliest substitutes on the defense, and if all goes well tonight, and the University attains a sufficient score to allow a safe margin, it is probable that the team "B" men will get a chance to play. Carl Stillman, whose work has showed to good advantage at the cage in practice drills is a first choice as goal substitute.