A Simple Solution

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

It occured to me, as I read of the apprehension caused by the "high brow" program of the Glee Club, that there exists a delightfully simple solution of the problem. In breaking away from the traditions of their predecessors, the leaders of the present club, have practically abandoned what is known as the college song. This form despite the devotees of Brahms, has, in its spontaneity and easily accessible melody, many merits that some other types do not possess.

In order, then, that the college song shall not perish at Harvard, let us have two glee clubs. With all respect for Dr. Davison, his organization is not properly a "glee club". It is, and should be called a "choral society". Let us have a glee club that will justify the popular acceptance of the term. Mason Simons Unc.