Distribution Made Entirely by Lot in Each Group--Want to Place Undergraduates Above Graduates

The following statement was issued yesterday by the H. A. A. in reference to the method of distribution of seats to the Harvard-Yale football games in the Stadium:

Every year the Harvard Athletic Association receives scores of complaints from graduates, undergraduates, Faculty members, and others the nature of which complaints are as varied as the number received. This year, however, the problems have been very difficult owing to the fact that the rules established for allotting tickets were made in 1910 by a special committee of which Mr. F. W. Thayer was chairman, and until this year these rules adjusted themselves to the conditions which were encountered. At that time the committee attempted to meet the following desired results:

1. That every Harvard man be assured of seats for himself and at least one companion if desired, at the biennial football game with Yale on Soldiers Field.

2. That every Harvard man shall have a chance to obtain such seats in good location.

3. That the Harvard football management shall have at its disposal a reasonable number of seats at the game to be distributed in the interests of the sport.

4. That the business of handling applications and distributing tickets be placed wholly in the control of recognized experts, be rendered as automatically and as perfectly as possible, and be relieved of all embarrassments which attend the exercise of personal discre- tion.

That the work of handling applications and distributing tickets be so systematized as to eliminate causes for personal complaint on the part of applicants for tickets.

With these problems before them, the Committee recommended that the allotment of tickets should be made as follows:

1. Privileged classes.

a. University, second team, and Freshman team coaches.

b. University squad and managers.

c. Second squad.

d. Freshman football squad.

e. Former University football players.

f. Members of the Varsity Club.