Musical Organizations to Appear Together in Concert for Benefit of Frances Jewett Repertory Theatre Club--Orchestra to Play in Springfield

In conjunction with the University Glee Club, the Pierian Sodality Orchestra will give the first concert of its one hundred and fifteenth season tomorrow at 4 o'clock at the Copley Theatre. The Pierian will play five numbers, while the Glee Club will give two numbers of three songs each. The concert is being given for the benefit of the Frances Jewett Repertory Theatre Club; its proceeds will be devoted to the building fund for the new Copley Theatre.

As a featured number on the program, the orchestra will play Mendelssohn's "Overture to Fingal's Cave". The Pierian Orchestra consisting of 76 pieces will be conducted by Mr. Walter Piston, while Dr. A. T. Davison '06 will lead the Glee Club.

Although all orchestra, mezzanine, and box seats have been sold out, there are a few balcony seats left. They may be purchased at the box office at one dollar each.

The program is as follows: Pierian Sodality Overture to "Fingal's Cave", Mendelssohn Glee Club In Dulci Jubilo,  Ancient German Carol De Profundis,  Old Chant Cantate Domino,  Hassler Pierian Sodality Prelude to "The Deluge",  Saint-Saens

Following the Copley Theatre concert, the orchestra will take 70 men to Springfield on December 11, when the Pierian will play a symphony program before 4000 people at the Springfield Auditorium. This is one of the series of Sunday afternoon concerts being given there by the Y. M. C. A. Arrangements for a Christmas tour to Richmond, Virginia, are being completed rapidly.

Valse Triste,  SibeliusAria from "Orpheus",  GluckGlee ClubHeart-ache,  DvorakOn the Water,  MendelssohnBedouin Song,  FootePierian SodalityHungarian March from "The Damnation of Faust",  Berlio