University Team Defeats Former Navy Stars 6 to 3 in Foils and 3 to 1 in Duelling Swords

In an informal pre-season meet Saturday afternoon in the Hemenway Gymnasium, the University fencing team defeated a team of former Annapolis foilsmen, winning the foils by a score of 6 to 3 and the duelling swords 3 to 1. At no time during the meet was the outcome certain until the next to the last match, in which W. R. Brewster '22 defeated Van Cleve of the Navy team. In all its matches the team displayed unusually excellent form for an early season meet, showing clearly the results of Coach Danguy's system of training.

Captain Burke Boyce '22, Brewster, and E. L. Lane '24 started in the foils, and E. H. Lane '24 was substitued for E. J. Lane in the last match. Captain Boyce and Brewster both won two out of their three bouts. In the duelling swords J. S. Barss '22 and F. W. Saunders '24 defeated Van Cleve and Daughty, their Annapolis opponents, 3 to 1.

After the foils and duelling swords bouts were played off, two exhibition sabre matches were held, the first between W. H. Russell 3S.L.A. and Fullen-weider, former Annapolis champion, and the second between S. H. Ordway Jr. 1L. and Webb of the Navy.