Will Hold Second Smoker of Year at 7.15 in Trophy Room--Men Taking Military Science Courses Invited

This evening at 7.15 o'clock in the Trophy Room of the Union, the Artillery Club of the University R. O. T. C. unit will hold its second annual smoker of the year. Lieutenant G. L. G. Envin 1s.L. and Captain W. J. R. Taylor '17 will be the principal speakers. All members of the military science courses are invited.

Captain Taylor served in the Air Service during the war, for the most part being detailed to observation work from a captive balloon. During the period of his stay on the front line, he was obliged to jump in a parachute from his balloon on four different occasions when attacked by enemy planes. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.

Lieutenant Envin, who was in the French Army, was badly wounded at Beasejour, and lost his eyesight. Since then he has kept on with his studies and at present holds the fellowship given in honor of Victor E. Chapman '13.