Juniors Failing to Hand in Lists to R. P. Parker '22 at Apthorp House Today Will Be Grouped by Committee

Today is positively the last day on which box applications for the Junior Dance may be handed in to R. P. Parker '22 in Apthorp House. The list will go to the printer this evening, and any unassigned couples will be placed in boxes in alphabetical order or otherwise as the committee sees fit. In making out the box applications, there must be a chairman, and the names of the guests must be included after the names of the men. Each box with hold from six to twelve couples, and will have an assigned chairman. By 6 P. M. yesterday the committee acknowledged the receipts of applications from the following chairmen: C. J. Adams, Harold Albert, M. G. Adam, F. G. Bemis, R. G. Boyd, J. T. Bradlee, A. J. Conlon, D. P. Ferguson, A. J. Holden, B. A. Hunneman, G. H. Kelley, J. W. Laird, W. E. Leidt, J. P. Lewis, E. C. Lincoln, C. C. Macomber, H. D. Moore, L. H. Oppenheim, C. F. Ramseyer, Jesse Robinson, G. C. Rose, I. H. Rosenberg, E. H. Smith, A. L. Steinert, F. S. Williams, and O. C. Woolpert.

Music for the dance will be supplied by Leo Reisman's Brunswick Orchestra of fifteen pieces, and the Jefferson-Johnson Orchestra, who will start playing at 9.30. The list of dances includes twelve fox-trots, six one-steps, and two waltzes, twenty dances in all, and the supper will be served between the tenth and eleventh. No extras will be played and if there is time left at the end, cut-in dancing will fill in. Otherwise cutting-in will be allowed only after the first encore.

The order of dances follows:

1. Fox-trot.

2. One-step.

3. Fox-trot.

4. Fox-trot.

5. Waltz.

6. One-step.

7. Fox-trot.

8. Fox-trot.

9. One-step.

10. Fox-trot.

11. Fox-trot.

12. One-step.