Law and Order at the Union

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

It has been suggested in these columns several times that Harvard men are not always good hosts, since they prefer going to the Copley Plaza rather than entertaining rival visitors at the Union. One might point to the last Princeton Triangle Club Dance as a good reason for this. Surely, if the Union cannot succeed in arranging a more orderly dance by the use of a program and thus eliminating this obnoxious "cutting in". Harvard men cannot be too severely criticized for not attending such functions.

As far as numbers go, it appeared to me that the dance last Friday night was a huge success, but with the way the dance was run still fresh in my mind. I know that I shall not be so enthusiastic about attending the next one of its kind, unless some effort is made towards order, and this perhaps by having a program dance. VINCENT STADEA '22.   February 21, 1921.