Purposer to Effect Meeting Between Graduates and Members in the School

Under the joint auspices of the Harvard Business School Club and the Alumni Association of the Business School, a large dinner will be given in the Living Room of the Union at 6.15 this evening. A. L. Ripley, president of the Merchants' National Bank of Boston, J. F. Williams '04, editor of the Boston Evening Transcript, and Dean W. B. Donham of the Business School will be the regular speakers of the evening, while R. M. Sanders 2G.B. will speak in behalf of the Business School Club. A. E. Brown, who won considerable fame as song and cheer leader at the Republican convention in Chicago last spring, will be present and will lead the singing of college songs.

The purpose of the dinner is to effect a meeting between members of the school and graduates who are in business, thus offering an opportunity for personal acquaintance which may lead to profitable business connections on both sides. The Club and the Alumni Association met last year at a similar dinner and during the present college year informally at Belmont, but the dinner tonight is the largest and most elaborate yet attempted.

Arrangements for the dinner have been under the charge of the Alumni Association, but tickets may be obtained at the Business School Library or from R. M. Sanders, 2G.B.