Final examinations will be held today and tomorrow in the following courses. All examinations begin at 9.15 A. M. except those at 2 P. M. According to the regulations, any student who is not in the examination room within five minutes after the hour appointed for the examination shall not be admitted without permission of the instructor or of the officer in general charge of the examinations.

It has also been ruled that no student shall be permitted to take any books or papers into the examination room except by the express direction of the instructor.

The examinations held in the Engineering School today and tomorrow are included in the following list.   Today Anthropology 4,  Sever 18 Chemistry 11,  Sever 11 Economics 6a: Baker to MacIntyre (incl.),  Harvard 2 Mack to Sherwin (incl.),  Harvard 3 Sixby to Wood (incl.),  Harvard 6 Economics 35a,  Sever 17 Economics 55,  Pierce 307 Engineering 332,  Pierce 307 Engineering Sciences 7a hf,  Pierce 307 English 28: Abbott to Nichols, F. H. (incl.),  Zoological Lecture Room Nichols, L. R., to Young (incl.),  Pierce 304 English 33,  New Lect. Hall French 6: Prof. Mercier's sect. 4,  Emerson A Other sections,  Emerson D Geology 11  Geol. Lab. Government 12a,  Harvard 6 Greek 2,  Sever 18 Greek 12,  Sever 18 History A4,  Andover C History 12: Achorn to Payson (incl.),  Harvard 5 Pollock to Wood (incl.),  Harvard 6 History 15,  Sever 17 Italian 1: Bacon to Biles (incl.),  Sever 5 Blair to Zeo (incl.),  Sever 6 Mathematics A II: Mr. Brown's sect. 2,  Sever 26 Mr. Garabedian's sect. 1,  Sever 30 Mathematics C I: Prof. Coolidge's sect. 1a: Armstrong to Rouillian (incl.),  Sever 23 Sherburne to Woodley (incl.),  Sever 24 Mr. Langier's sect. 1b,  Sever 24 Mr. Mackie's sect. 1c,  Sever 20 Mr. Rupp's sect. 1d,  Sever 29 Mathematics 2 III: Abbott to Mack (incl.),  Sever 35 McLaughlin to Young (incl.),  Sever 36 Mathematics 13,  Sever 36 Music 4,  Music Bldg. Philosophy 4,  Emerson J Philosophy 27,  Sever 17 Physics 2a,  Emerson J Romance Philol. 3,  Sever 5 Semitic 2,  Sever 17 Semitic 19,  Semitic Mus. 3 Semitic 25,  Sever 17 Social Ethics 1,  Emerson J   2 P. M. Astronomy 2,  Harvard 5 Engineering 120,  Pierce 202 Zoology 1: Adams to Holmes (incl.),  Zoological Lecture Room Holt to Zinn (incl.),  New Lecture Hall   Tomorrow Botany 9,  Sever 28 Chemistry 22,  Emerson D Classical Philol, 22,  Sever 17 Economics 10: Von Adelung to Leslie (incl.),  Sever 35 McCann to White (incl.),  Sever 36 Economics 34,  Emerson J Engineering 30,  Pierce 302, 307 Engineering 200,  Pierce 202 Engineering 440,  Pierce 112 Engin. Sciences 3,  Pierce 302 Engin. Sciences 3,  Pierce 302, 307 Engin. Sciences 3b,  Robinson French 24 hf,  Emerson J Government 2a,  Sever 17 Government 15,  Sever 23 Hygine 4,  Pierce 112 Music 1,  Pierian Room Philosophy 24a,  Div. Lib Psychology 10,  Emerson J