William Edgar Crosby, of Newton, was yesterday unanimously elected captain of the 1924 hockey team at a meeting of the squad held specially for that purpose.

Crosby played on the Newton High hockey team for three years, captaining it in his Senior year. He has been playing an excellent game for the yearlings this year, showing up well on defense at his position of cover point and starring in long dashes down the ice. His work against Milton on Wednesday last was especially brilliant when he was personally responsible for three goals, rounding the schoolboys' wings time and again for a score or a shot that just missed.

Crosby was also a member of the 1924 football team, working up from a position on the second squad early in the season to a regular berth in the first line-up for the last games. His work at left and against Princeton Freshmen was especially brilliant until he was removed on account of injuries.

No Practice Yesterday

Partly on account of poor ice and partly in order to give his team a rest after the hard tussle against Milton Academy on Wednesday, Coach Lombard called off regular practice yesterday.

The next regular game on the yearlings' schedule does not come until next Wednesday, when they meet the rather weak St. Mark's team. Plans for a game tomorrow against Melrose High, which defeated Milton some time ago, fell through, the schoolboys claiming that their schedule was too full, but arrangements are under way for a game with either Tufts Freshman or Cambridge Latin. The Freshmen have shown great improvement in their work since their defeat at the hands of the latter earlier in the season and should show the schoolboys a stiff fight this time if the game comes off.