Exeter Natators Break Three Records and Win 36-14

The swimming meet between the Freshmen and Exeter, held at Exeter Saturday afternoon, was featured by the breaking of three records by the schoolboys, who won the meet by the score of 36-14. Richard Hayes broke the record in both the 50 and 100-yards and A. D. Swazey set a new mark in the plunge.

The summary:

Relay.--Won by Exeter (Hunton, Fuller, Taliafero, Borden); second, Harvard (Cummings, Delafeild, Keyes, Potter). Time, 1m. 50 2-5s.

Dive.--Won by Taylor (E): second, Terrazo (H): third, Waring (E).

50-Yards.--Won by Hayes (E): second, Potter (H); third, Plunkett (E). Ime, 26 3-5s.


10-Yards.--Won by Hayes (E): second, Taliafero (E): third, Dealfield (H). Time, 1m. 1 3-5s.

200-Yards.--Won by Smith (E); seconds, Cummings (H); Third, Latimer (E). Time, 2m. 39 3-5s.

Plunge.--Won by Swazey (E), 71 feet 9 inches: second, Simms (H), 50 feet; third, Carpenter (H), 48 feet.

Score, Exeter 36, Harvard 1924 14.