College Men's Conference on Lake George to Be Held From June 24 to July 3-Athletic Contests Feature In Recreation Work

Although no definite information is as yet available regarding the program for the Silver Bay Conference of Eastern College Men, which will be held from June 24th to July 3rd, plans for a large delegation from the University are already under way. A committee of representatives from each class in College will be appointed shortly and will undertake the enrollment of delegates.

Silver Bay at Lake George, called "the Switzerland of America", is one of the most picturesque and charming summer resorts of America. In the heart of the Adirondacks, it is superbly fitted for a conference of this sort. The equipment covers about 1600 acres of land, with unexcelled lake and mountain scenery, and comprises over 70 buildings especially built for conference purposes, including a new auditorium seating 1000 and a dining hall accommodating 450 people at one time. There are also about ten small rustic buildings, with a capacity of from 50 to 200 persons each, which will be used for the group meetings. Twenty-five tennis courts and two baseball diamonds are available for the use of vacationists and the delegates.

Recreation Work Attractive Phase

One of the most attractive phases of the conference is the opportunity presented for recreation after the more serious work of the daily sessions. The opportunities for aquatic sports are numerous with a well-appointed boathouse and plenty of canoes and other small craft. Six fast clay courts will be reserved for those members of the conference who wish to play tennis. In addition to the regular events, such as baseball games and track meets, there will be ample opportunity to learn mass games and recreative contests which are adapted to boys' clubs and general community service.

Baseball Series and Tennis Tournament

The daily program of the conference will consist, as in former years, of discussion groups and platform meetings in the morning and evening and athletics and recreation in the afternoon. The athletic program will consist of a baseball series, a tennis tournament, and a track meet, in all of which the competition among the teams from the various colleges is very keen. For those who do not care for organized athletics there will be plenty of opportunity for hikes and mountain climbing.

The expense of attending the conference will probably be slightly more than last year, owing to the advance in railroad rates. It is expected, however, that the charge for board and room will be about the same as heretofore, that is, $2 per day, or $20 for the entire period.

Further information regarding the conference and registration blanks may be obtained at the Phillips Brooks House.