Start Preparation for Contest With Yale--Irish Question is Subject--Managers Begin Work Tomorrow

Preparation for the Freshman debate with Yale starts tonight, when preliminary trials for the 1924 debating teams will be held in Harvard 6 at 7 o'clock, Each man is to speak for five minutes on either side of the question, "Resolved That Ireland Should be Granted Immediate Independence." It is probable that this subject will be chosen for the debate, which is to be held on Friday April 15, but this has not yet been definitely decided.

So far this year a great deal of interest has been shown in debating by the Freshmen, and a large number of men are expected to report for the trials, The judges have not yet been decided upon, but will probably be former members of University debating teams.

The competition for manger of the 1924 debating teams will begin tomorrow evening at 7 o'clock, when candidates will report at Matthews 36. The competition, the work of which will consist chiefly of making arrangements for the debate, and selling tickets, will last approximately twenty days.. The successful candidate will make the trip to New Haven with the affirmative team.