The cast of characters has been revised and is now as follows: Paul Merton,  W. D. Howe '22 Captain Eric Griggs,  J. A. Sessions '21 Bimboo,  F. B. Taussig '22 William Bopp.  J. E. Cabot '22 Roderic Strake,  R. P. Parker '22 Miss Maric Hayden,  Osgood Hooker '21 Dorothy Wendell,  D. McK. Key '22 Caroline,  Hugh Perrin '21 Alice,  J. T. Baldwin '21 Frances,  Alden French '21 Peggy,  J. M. Steele '21 Pereival Perrington,  Duncan Ellsworth '22 First Mutineer,  Durham Jones '22 Second Mutineer,  B. W. Currier '22 Arthur Drinkwater  John Martin '22 English Revenue Officer,  Howard Elliott '22 First Negro, First Voodoo,  S. P. Moorehead '22 Second Negro, Second Voodoo,  R. E. Smith '22 First Mate,  A. L. Steincrt '22 Cook,  J. R. Robb '21

Female Chorus: R. S. Ward '21, G. McD. Weeks Jr. '21, M. P. Davis '21, A. B. Field '22, O. S. Leland '22, R. F. Lesher '22, C. R. Burgin '21, C. W. Baker '21, G. B. Cabot '22, H. C. Brown '21, A. B. Nichols '21, Phillip Hofer '21.

Male Chorus: Seymour Wadsworh '21. Rogers Peale '21, W. B. Searns '22, J. T. Bradley '22, J. B. Fenne '21, J. H. Robb '21, H. B. W. Snelling '21, Alexander Tison Jr. '22, Howland Seabury '22, W. C. Potter '22. Howard Elliot Jr. '22, C. J. Mason Jr. '22.

Sailors: R. C. Sagendorph '22. Donald Angier '22, D. T. W. McCord '21, F. H. Cummings '21, F. L. A. Cady '21, W. F. Ingersoll '21. Appleton King '22, P. T. Cumner '21.

Mapines: Joseph Alger Jr. '22, R. K. Kane '22.

The board of managers for the preduction this year have also been appointed. They will work under the direction of John Sise Jr. '21, who is in charge of all the arrangements and details for the show. The various positions and men appointed to them are as follows:

Manager, John Sise '21; Assistant Manager, D. H. Morris '21; Publicity Manager, Melville P. Baker '22; Assistant Publicity Manager. A. D. Welton '22; Stage Manager, R. W. Gratwick '21; Assistant Stage Manager. Russell Davis '22; Program Manager. G. S. Baldwin Jr. '21; Assistant Program Manager. P. I. Romaine '22.