What Is Going On Today

8.45.--Daily Chapel: The Reverend Edward Caldwell Moore will conduct the services.

9-11.--Minister's Hours in the study of Wadsworth House.

1.00--Football: Meeting of all candidates for Second Assistant Manager in H. A. A.

4.30.--Fogg Art Museum: "How to Study Old Dutch Portraits" by Professor W. Martin.

5.00--Physical Colloquium: Jefferson Physical Laboratory, Room 3.

6.00.--All applications for rooms in the Senior Dormitories due at Randolph Hall.

7.00.--Debating: Trials for Freshman Triangular Debate in Harvard 6.

7.00.--Debating: Competition for Freshman Manager in Matthews 36.

7.15.--Football: Meeting for all candidates for 1921 team in Varsity Club.

8.00.--Freshman Musical Clubs: Trials in Standish Hall Common Room.

8.00.--Professor Henri Guy lectures on "Pierre Corneillo ot Victor Hugo in Emerson D.